In Defense of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorneys are often the subject of the public’s ire for doing nothing more than what they took an oath to do. So when a high court takes the time to put a spotlight on this, we want to do the same, especially when it involves an opinion piece written by our very own founding partner Mary Chartier!

A recent case at the Pennsylvania Superior Court (equivalent to the MI Court of Appeals) involved a resentencing hearing where the deceased victim’s widow sent a letter to the trial court stating that “defense counsel is lining his pockets with taxpayer dollars defending a confessed criminal.” In the opinion, Commonwealth v King, 2018 WL 1371224, the court mentioned Mary’s opinion piece:

“As a follow-up to this incident, a criminal defense attorney in Michigan wrote an opinion column, signed by over 300 criminal defense attorneys, in support of the physician's lawyer. In this column, the lawyer observed, “The role of defense attorneys is crucial to our system of justice. Our nation's founders believed our job was of such importance that it was enshrined in our Constitution. It is defense attorneys who hold the government and our courts accountable. Without defense attorneys, there is no rule of law.” Mary Chartier, Opinion: Larry Nassar's attorney was criticized – but here's why I support her, Detroit Free Press (Feb. 1, 2018)”

Below is a link to that article.

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