Criminal Defense Appeals, Habeas, and Post-Judgment Motions

Successfully handling appeals, habeas, and post-judgment motions, such as 6.500 motions, requires significant knowledge and experience. At C&N, we have that knowledge and experience.

Our appellate experience at the state and federal level is vast. Our attorneys have handled and won numerous cases, including winning three cases in one year at the Michigan Supreme Court and the seminal case involving marijuana law of People v Koon. One recent win at the Michigan Court of Appeals resulted in a man who had been wrongfully convicted of criminal sexual conduct being released. Our work in a federal habeas case also resulted in a man being released. The Attorney General’s Office conceded that our client was being wrongfully held in prison after extensive briefing and a lengthy evidentiary hearing.

Not only have we argued and won numerous appellate cases, but litigator Mary Chartier has also taught appellate advocacy to other attorneys and trained law school students for over a decade. Her experience working at the Michigan Supreme Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals has proven to be invaluable in crafting winning strategies and arguments. Our advocacy and leadership has resulted in numerous successes in which wrongful convictions have been overturned.

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