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Mary, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate everything you have done for me in getting my case dismissed. Thank you so much.
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At C&N, each of our criminal defense litigators has extensive experience trying complex cases and achieving “not guilty” verdicts in numerous federal and state trials. In addition to litigating their own cases, the C&N team has also used their litigation skills to help other attorneys. In some cases, C&N…
The attorneys at C&N also have significant experience representing clients in other matters that play a role in the criminal system. These include Title IX Hearings, Expungements, and Licensing Hearings, whether it is to restore a driver’s license or involves health professionals licensing issues. Our attorneys are…
We are experienced and skilled criminal defense litigators. Our record of successful not guilty verdicts shows the skill and experience that we bring to every case. But the most important part of every case is working to help the client get his or her life back free from the government's accusations and intrusions.
Successfully handling appeals, habeas, and post-judgment motions, such as 6.500 motions, requires significant knowledge and experience. At C&N, we have that knowledge and experience. Our attorneys have won numerous cases, including winning three cases in one year at the Michigan Supreme Court.