Title IX Hearings, Expungements, and Licensing Hearings

The attorneys at C&N also have significant experience representing clients in other matters that play a role in the criminal system. These include Title IX Hearings, Expungements, and Licensing Hearings, whether it is to restore a driver’s license or involves health professionals licensing issues. Our attorneys are extremely familiar with the varying processes involved in these types of cases, and we have successfully represented clients to achieve favorable outcomes.

We have represented clients in Title IX hearings at numerous universities throughout the state, including students who are at the risk of being expelled from college. Through intensive investigation and preparation, some of these students were found not responsible for violating university policy and are able to continue their studies free from false accusations. We have also been successful in appealing rulings that stemmed from the Title IX process.

Expungements are another area that C&N excels in. Through the entire application process, our attorneys go above and beyond to compile information and draft a petition showing why our clients are appropriate candidates for having their convictions set aside. Our work in expungements resulted in a winning argument of the “one bad night” rule against objection from the government and our client being able to move forward with no felonies on his record. Expungements are a tool that people often do not take advantage of, but C&N is ready to work with you to help you through this process.

Finally, the attorneys at C&N also help individuals restore or maintain their licenses. Our work restoring driver’s licenses resulted in a client obtaining a license after multiple years of living without a license due to alcohol related offenses. In addition, attorney Kurt E. Krause works with clients to help them maintain their health professional licensing after facing criminal convictions through creative measures.

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