"Lunch and Learn" with Takura Nyamfukudza

Takura Nyamfukudza recently teamed up with fellow Criminal Law Council members, Edwar Zeineh and Cassandra Green, to present a virtual “101” program to young lawyers and students. With the time they had, the trio covered the basics of criminal la… Read More
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Marisa Vinsky Named the 2022 Rising Star by the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association

C&N is so proud of Marisa Vinsky, who was named the 2022 Rising Star by the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association. The Awards Event was wonderful with excellent and inspiring speeches. The Davis-Dunnings Bar Association is well-respected and among its m… Read More
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Takura Nyamfukudza and Fellow Panelists Discuss the "180 Day Rule" with Michigan Radio

Michigan Radio recently called on Takura Nyamfukudza to speak community members and loved ones of the approximately 120 inmates who have been held pretrial at the Wayne County Jail. Takura’s work on the Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretria… Read More
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Marisa Vinsky Presents at the 2022 CDAM Spring Conference

Marisa Vinsky was recently a presenter at the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan Spring Conference. Her presentation, Jumping into the Job: When Representation Begins in the Middle of a Case, focused on tips and strategies to help attorneys famil… Read More
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Marisa Vinsky has been chosen by Michigan Lawyers Weekly as an Up & Coming Lawyer for the Class of 2022

C&N is honored to announce that Marisa Vinsky has been chosen by Michigan Lawyers Weekly as an Up & Coming Lawyer for the Class of 2022. This award recognizes Up & Coming Lawyers who have excelled in the profession and are standouts among… Read More
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Celebrating WMU-Cooley

Takura, along with several other distinguished alumni, is featured in the latest WMU-Cooley promotional video. This is but one example of how he continues to support the law school. Doubtless, we are not speaking out of school when we say that Takura… Read More
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Cannabis and Driving Under the Influence - Is there a sobriety test?

WKAR recently partnered with NOVA to produce an educational piece on Cannabis and Driving. Takura was called on for commentary regarding possible legislation, as well as the current state of the law and criminal defense considerations. Read More
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Takura and Marisa Present at the Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program

This month, Takura and Marisa presented virtually on Killer Motions for the Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program. They discussed various motions to file when defending a murder case, as well as other tips on how to best advocate for your clients wh… Read More
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Marisa's Recent Expungement Wins

Recently, Marisa successfully argued motions to set aside convictions for two contested cases. In one case, she argued that two of her client’s felonies should count as one felony under the “one bad night” rule. She provided evidence that suppo… Read More
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Mentoring the Next Generation

Mary and Takura enjoyed participating in MentorJet, which is speed mentoring between lawyers and law students. The event was sponsored by The National Association of Women Judges, The Western Michigan University Cooley Law School Career and Professio… Read More
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