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Miles Sailor

Meet Miles Sailor. Miles is the Senior Director of Cuddles here at C&N. He recently graduated summa cum laude from obedience class, where he majored in “sit and stay” and minored in “walking on a leash without pulling.” He was awarded the highest honor from his professors upon graduation – they called him a very good boy. Those kind words push him to continue to work hard every day. He’s currently continuing his education by studying how to shake paws with a firm, yet comfortable, grip. Great client service means everything to Miles and it shows in his daily work. He has received excellent reviews from clients, such as “Wow, Miles is such a sweet dog!” and “That is an extremely handsome doggo.” When he isn’t hard at work in the office, he enjoys playing with his dog sister Stella, herding his cat brother Peanut, occasionally swiping sandwiches from the kitchen counter, and chasing squirrels out of his back yard.

Although he doesn’t have much of an employment history yet, he sure knows how to work his way into your heart.