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Mary Chartier

Phone: 517.885.3305
Fax: 517.885.3363
A “pitbull in high heels” and “Mike Tyson in the courtroom” are just a few of the names that clients have given Mary over the years. Mary’s advocacy skills are the result of years of experience litigating serious and com… Read More
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Takura Nyamfukudza

Phone: 517.885.3305
Fax: 517.885.3363
Many recognize Takura by his trademark bowtie, but his real trademark is the passion and skill that he brings to fight every case for every person he represents. He truly believes that defending people’s rights in the courtroom is his life’s call… Read More
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Kurt E. Krause

Phone: 517.885.3305
Fax: 517.885.3363
With more than 30 years of practice in the law, including extensive and complex litigation experience, Kurt has always been a true champion for his clients. While a lot of attorneys say they were inspired by the lawyer Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mock… Read More
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Marisa Vinsky

Phone: 517.885.3305
Fax: 517.885.3363
Marisa has always had an extreme passion for criminal law. Since the first grade, she has never wavered in her desire to become a criminal defense attorney. She believes that protecting the constitutional rights of clients is her calling. Marisa work… Read More
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Tony Palmer-Peterson

Phone: 517.885.3305
Fax: 517.885.3363
Tony Palmer-Peterson is our firm administrator who keeps us up and running. With over 25 years of experience in customer service, Tony is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for every client of our firm. Tony is known for creativity, kin… Read More
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Kim Thelen

Phone: 517.885.3305
Fax: 517.885.3363
Kim is one of our paralegals at C&N and has a strong passion for law. Kim has worked on all aspects of cases in state and federal court and has been lead paralegal on numerous cases handled by the firm. Her efforts have been instrumental in many… Read More
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Lizzy Cary

Phone: 517.885.3305
Fax: 517.885.3363
Lizzy is one of our paralegals at C&N, where she brings her optimism, positivity, intelligence, love of science, and friendly nature to work with her every day. Clients experience firsthand her kindness and genuine care for their needs. Lizzy lov… Read More
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Nicole Hoskins

Phone: 517.885.3305
Fax: 517.885.3363
Nicole is our Client Relations Specialist. As our Client Relations Specialist, Nicole is usually the first person our clients speak to or meet. She is always more than happy to welcome you to our office and will greet you with a smile. Nicole handles… Read More
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Miles Cary

Meet Miles Sailor. Miles is the Senior Director of Cuddles here at C&N. He recently graduated summa cum laude from obedience class, where he majored in “sit and stay” and minored in “walking on a leash without pulling.” He was awarded the… Read More
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