The Next Generation: Professionalism in Action Orientation Program

In an ongoing effort to nurture the next generation of legal professionals, our own Takura Nyamfukudza participated in the Professionalism in Action Orientation Program. During the two-hour program, lawyers and judges introduce themselves to incoming law students and then break into small groups of two lawyers each with 5-20 incoming students. In those small group discussions, lawyers may discuss any of seven prepared scenarios involving ethical issues for lawyers or law students. Judges and lawyers are also encouraged to discuss ethical and professionalism issues they have experienced first-hand in their courts, their practice, and their employment. Students are required to read the scenarios as part of their orientation preparation.

The program was started in 2009 by former SBM President Ed Pappas, and it has continued to be a great success. Students say it is a wonderful and meaningful introduction to the legal profession, and their favorite part of orientation. The participating lawyers and judges also appreciate the opportunity to speak with new law students about these important issues.