Takura Speaks at the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center

On Wednesday, July 22, Takura Nyamfukudza participated as an instructor in this summer’s Moot Court through the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center. The Moot Court Program gives students, grades 10-12, a taste of what it is like to prepare and present a case in front of the Supreme Court. In preparation for their experience, students were able to meet with justices, judges, lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals, including our very own Takura!

This summer’s moot court case involved threats on social media. The students argued and decided Elonis v United States. They focused on the standard of intent and the standard required for speech to fall within the First Amendment's true threats exception.

For his part, Takura discussed how to prepare for oral arguments, including how one’s thinking might evolve and how to anticipate questions from the Court. Because of the nature of the defendant’s statements, he discussed how to keep the arguments focused on the issues related to intent rather than the details of the facts. The students also had the opportunity to ask about law school and life as an attorney. Despite their relatively tender age, the students’ questions were insightful and showed that they put a lot into their preparation.

Cheers to Takura and all the other mentors for giving their time to foster the next generation of legal professionals!

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