2023-12-20 nice note Mary and Kurt

Dear Mary and Kurt,
Hope this email finds you well!
As I reflect on the trial, I realize that there's a debt I can never fully repay—the debt of gratitude I owe to both of you, and your wonderful team: Marisa, Liz, Nicole, Tony, Kim, and Takura (Sorry if I missed anyone here).
Over the past two years, during the most challenging period of my life, your unwavering support, trust, and guidance were more than just professional assistance; they were a beacon of hope. You didn't just help me maintain my innocence; you restored my faith in justice and in the kindness of people. Thanks to your efforts, I am now living a life filled with joy and peace—a life that seemed almost unattainable not so long ago.
I extend my warmest wishes to you and your families. May this season bring you as much happiness and joy as you have brought into my life.
Looking ahead, I hope our paths cross again under happier circumstances (and preferably far from any courtroom). Until then, please accept my deepest thanks and best wishes for a splendid holiday season.
Thank you!