2023-11-03 nice note team

The Best criminal defense team you can hire.
Without going into too much detail a Not Guilty Verdict saved our lives!!
Mary Chartier is a fantastic Lawyer and really is impressive during trial.
She will not back down from prosecutors, judges, etc.. Killer cross exams and attention to detail is just part of what makes Mary the best criminal/trial lawyer. Mary is super personable, realistic, straightforward, and a fantastic person. One of the hardest working and committed persons that I have ever met. She has the unique ability to be such an easy going fun person. However, when the time comes to being tough and fighting for her clients no one can fight harder or be tougher than what I witnessed from Mary in court. Mary is the definition of Winner in court and outside of court.

We also had the pleasure of working with Amy Ronayne Krause at C&N. Amy is so sweet and caring you might forget how amazing and qualified she is as a former prosecutor and judge. Amy is a wealth of knowledge and experience with the compassion like I have never seen before. I am so glad Amy joined the team and really helped Mary with out with our defense. Our entire family really got attached to Amy with her knowledge, calmness, and sweet demeanor.

Another main player in helping our case was Kurt Krause. Kurt like Amy and Mary is a brilliant Attorney. We spent a lot of time with Kurt at many Pretrials, Motions, and a preliminary hearing. He excelled at all. Kurt was able to give us great life advice along with the best legal advice during the long wait that the criminal justice system requires. He managed to reduce the bond and work hard to make sure we were informed and up to speed with everything we needed to know. Kurt is cool under pressure.

I also need to say the rest of the staff we worked with at C&N are fantastic too. Chartier & Nyamfukudza, P.L.C. has my praise on all aspects of the Law from the beginning to most importantly The "NOT GUILTY" at trial ending. The jury needed only a few minutes to reach the NOT GUILTY conclusion as this team of lawyers is the absolute best.

If you have been falsely accused of a crime and need the best representation possible, Chartier & Nyamfukudza, P.L.C. will help you out like no other .