2023-10-13 nice note Amy

I am so glad you joined the firm last year. My son and I were lucky to have you represent us for many reasons. You are smart, compassionate, competent , calming, caring,etc…..

Mary is lucky that you joined the firm. Your legal background and experience is impressive and made us feel great about you representing and protecting us. Your opening at the trial was great.

Equally important, you made my family feel so cared and protected in the darkest times we have ever experienced. We will be eternally grateful for all you have done for us even beyond all the legal stuff that went on.

You helped save my son’s life and keep this family from falling into dark despair. I will be eternally grateful for all you have done to help us out legally and emotionally. Sorry if I am repeating myself as words really cannot describe how lucky and fortunate to have you touch our lives in such a deep and important way.

I wish you all the best and hope to meet up one day down the road in a non legal way.