2022.04.04 nice note trial team

Dear Mary, Takura, and Lizzy,

Now that the sheer adrenaline and raw emotions of that fateful day are behind us, I wanted to take a thoughtful and reflective moment to express my most heartfelt gratitude to the three of you. I will not attempt to speak for my wife, but trust that her feelings mirror my own, multiplied a hundred fold.

When we initially sought your council, I was not sure what to expect. Would our relationship be stoic and strictly professional? Would it be cordial and jovial? Would it be just another robotic transaction between client and business? This was an entirely new and unfamiliar world to me and therefore I did not have the slightest clue what to expect.

What I saw, felt, and experienced from the three of you far surpassed my wildest expectations and immediately eliminated any fear or trepidation I held. While I will never truly fathom the depths of despair and anguish my wife surely felt throughout this nightmare, I know that the incredible weight she carried took herculean effort to maintain the facade of normalcy. I know that her contact and communication with you always lifted her up, and your encouraging words always seemed to come at the exact moments when she was at her lowest points.

I will not ramble on and point out every little instance that revealed how I know that my wife was more to you than just a client. I will however say that your demeanor, character, presence, thoughtfulness, and compassion was fully revealed when, before the verdict was read, the three of you encircled my beautiful, brave, and nearly broken wife, and you encouraged her, held her, formed a human wall around her that protected her from not only her own family trying their best, albeit unsuccessfully, to keep their emotions in check, but you created an impenetrable barrier that shielded her from the piercing gaze of the very person who tried to destroy her. In that moment, I knew that you all had become as important and precious to her as any family member could ever hope to be. To see the three of you hold my wife so close, and cry with her so unabashedly, was among one of the most beautiful and heartwarming moments I've experienced in my fifty five years of life. I knew without a doubt you all genuinely cared about her. I knew that there were others in this world who I could entrust my wife's life to.

Mary, you are a beautiful and powerful force of nature not to be fucked with! The tenacity in which you defended my wife was nothing short of awe-inspiring. I am proud to say that when my wife was on the stand she mirrored your strength - She was back to the woman I had known for 35 years. I never thought I would live to see another person as powerful as my wife, but I finally did, and it was not surprising that YOU were that person. You reignited that flame within her long enough for her to stand steadfast against the assault on her life, character, and integrity, by the corrupt, unaccountable, goliath that is The State! You, gave my wife her life back. You, restored her hope. It was a privilege to see you in action! It was a defining moment in my life to see you defend my wife. You will be in my heart and soul until I draw my last breath.

Takura, you Armani Einstein... you are an astonishing man with a tremendously big, beautiful, intellect who has a supreme command of legal knowledge that surpasses not only your fly style, but anything that I ever could have imagined I would see in my life. I am deeply honored that one of the silver linings of my son being in that courtroom, was him being able to observe you defending his mother. You cannot possibly have known this, but your presence and demeanor ignited a spark within him, and for that, you are reserved a special place in my heart as long as my memories may last.

Lizzy, you are the most impressive paralegal I have ever seen in my life and it was a pleasure to meet and know you! The kind and compassionate way you treated my wife and family cannot be understated. I feel like I am a fairly decent judge of character, so I can thoroughly appreciate those little but not-at-all insignificant things that you did and said that lifted my wife's spirit, made her smile, and made her laugh. My wife is the most precious thing in my life, so when you helped her, it never escaped my attention, and I never viewed it as anything less than heroic. Please know that your words helped her as much as any doctor tending to a physical wound would, probably more, because you helped to heal her soul. For that, you will always have a special place in my heart. Oh, don't be surprised if in two and a half years when my wife and I renew our vows on our 30th, we contact you. It's YOU, or Vegas Elvis, and since we did The King on our 10th...... 🙂

Be well!!

I know life holds great things for all of you. Hopefully, when you hear from us in the future, it is just to inquire about you and your lives, or to say hello, bring some baked treats by the office, or to give Takura a proper scrapbook.

Love.... Yeah, I said it and I fucking meant it!!