2022.02.03 nice note Mary 1.1

We cannot thank you enough for resolving this matter so quickly.

I have long bemoaned how this country fails to understand the importance of good criminal defense attorneys and the critical role they play in ensuring that justice has any chance at all--and I never seriously imagined that we'd be in a position to have to find and retain one. But, life is nothing if not surprising.

In real time, for us, every day felt long and dark. In legal time, it was a blink of an eye. I fully understand that this matter resolved successfully because you moved quickly and did everything possible to get ahead of the ball. You and your team were incredibly efficient and professional. After your initial conversation with us, I was confident that whatever could be done would be done-- and it was.

I remain incredibly concerned about the state of the criminal justice system in this country, but my faith that there are good and competent people out there working hard to do the right thing has been bolstered. I thank you and your team for that.