2019 01 02 nice note takura

In June of 2018, I found myself charged with an OWI, high BAC, and possession of marijuana. Having only had one previous charge/conviction, and one that was fairly minor (an MIP), I was in a complete panic. I called the office of Mary Chartier and Takura Nyamfukudza on a Sunday, and received a call back promptly the following Monday. I was able to speak to Mary, who put me in contact with Takura. I was very impressed with the speediness of the initial contact, as well as the speediness of the following communications as my case went on. Besides receiving suggestions on what I should be doing while awaiting my sentencing, I also received a great deal of encouragement and positivity from Takura, reducing my stress greatly.

Takura drove to Petoskey (where my charges were incurred) for each court date and was extremely comforting and supportive during the process. He was able to have the high BAC charge dropped, the possession of marijuana charge was dropped due to my possession of a medical marijuana license, and during sentencing, I received NO probation, and only had to pay a fine! I was absolutely thrilled, and he shared in my excitement with a big bear hug outside of the courtroom. By the end of the ordeal, I felt I had made a friend, and had not simply hired an attorney. Throughout the process, I received a condolences card from the office when a family member passed, as well as a birthday card. All of this meant very much to me; when one is already beating themselves up for a foolish decision that landed them in jail and at the wrong end of the law, feeling so much kindness and support truly helps, and this office delivered that kindness and support and then some.

Three months after the fact, I am still dealing with issues regarding the suspension of my driver license as a result of refusing the roadside breathalyzer. Takura has been in contact with me on a regular basis, and though my license was supposed to be suspended for one full year, with his help I now have a restricted license and am able to get where I need to go. I cannot recommend Takura and his office strongly enough.