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Criminal Sexual Conduct—No Charges Issued

C&N’s client was a college student accused of criminal sexual conduct by a woman he met just once at a party. C&N’s investigation revealed her true motivation for making the false claim. Takura proactively reached out to the prosecutor, leading to no charges being issued. While the charging decision was pending, C&N’s client had peace of mind and confidence due to Takura’s extensive knowledge of the process. Now, our client can continue to work toward graduation without the prospect of life-altering criminal sexual charges hanging over his head.

Felony Drug Charges Dismissed

C&N’s client was accused of committing multiple felony drug offenses. Mary and Marisa advocated on the client’s behalf and convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all the charges against C&N’s client. Now our client can continue to provide for her family without the fear of prosecution looming over her.

Juvenile Client Placed on Consent Calendar

C&N’s client was a high school student who was charged for allegedly making threatening statements at school. Marisa advocated to the court on behalf of the client, arguing that he should be placed on the consent calendar. For juvenile cases, the consent calendar is an alternative to the formal court process that allows the juvenile to complete the agreed upon terms and ultimately have the case dismissed. The court and the prosecutor agreed to placement on the consent calendar, and C&N’s client can now complete high school with no criminal record.

Driver’s License Restoration Appeal Victory

C&N’s client had a hearing with the Secretary of State to get his restricted license restored, which was denied. Marisa appealed that decision in the circuit court. After drafting the petition and arguing at the hearing, Marisa convinced the court to reverse the Hearing Officer’s order and grant C&N’s client a restricted license. He can now drive again and plans to return to C&N in 2024 when he is eligible to apply for his full license.

Juvenile Adjudication Expungement Granted

Our client contacted C&N to get two offenses expunged from his record. These offenses were years old and were adjudicated when he was a juvenile. Marisa worked on this expungement case and argued that our client deserved the privilege of having these convictions set aside. The court agreed with C&N, granting the motion to set aside our client’s convictions. He can now move on with his life free from having a criminal record.

PPO Terminated

C&N’s client was accused by a woman of domestic violence, and she obtained a personal protection order. Marisa and Kurt filed a motion to terminate the PPO, and they successfully convinced the court to terminate the PPO despite the woman’s accusations.

Cases Dismissed for Civil Infraction

C&N’s client was charged with two offenses after his dog accidentally escaped from his home. During negotiations, Marisa was able to show all the steps the client took to rectify the situation so it would never happen again. This resulted in her securing a plea deal to dismiss the charges and instead accept responsibility for a civil infraction. This way C&N’s client will continue having no criminal record.

Multiple Offenses—Youthful Offender Plea Negotiated

C&N’s client was a college student accused of multiple offenses, including assaulting a police officer outside of a bar. After significant mitigation was compiled, Marisa negotiated a plea under the Homes Youthful Trainee Act. After successful completion of probation, the charges will be deferred and C&N’s client will have no criminal record.

Criminal Sexual Conduct—No Charges Issued

C&N’s client was accused of criminal sexual conduct by a woman he had a relationship with for a brief period of time. C&N’s investigation showed that the claim was false. Through Amy’s thorough and tenacious advocacy, our client will not have to face life-changing criminal sexual conduct charges.

Child Sexual Abusive Material – Prison Avoided

C&N’s client was accused of soliciting a minor and sending sexually explicit material online. Mary and Takura exposed questionable investigative practices and presented a great deal of mitigating information. Consequently, the matter was resolved short of trial and our client was not sent to prison. Instead, he can focus on his mental health and obtain the treatment he has long sought.